Frequently Asked Questions




1.At what age should I enroll my child for Genius Math?

At Genius Camp, we believe that it is never too young to introduce your child to the world of numbers and explore their hidden 

2. Are the teachers qualified schoolteachers?

Yes, all our math teachers are qualified professionals with related education and many years of experience. The program is led by Dr. Radjabalipour, world renowned mathematician and academician. Designed and catered by award winning mathematicians with experienced teaching experience, the curriculum has witnessed success in other parts of the world for over two decades now. 

3.When do the programs begin?

Our classes are being offered throughout the year. You can join us anytime, either at the beginning of the school year or even in summer, to be prepared for the coming academic year.

4.Can I change make any changes to my child’s classes during the program?

Yes, you can change between the offered packages when it suits you provided all criteria are met. Please note, switching to Platinum is only possible within first two weeks from the starting date of the course.

5.Are there any return/cancellation policies if my child does not get the desired grade?

While our 4-pronged approach has been designed to ensure success for every student. In case of any dissatisfaction, post consideration of the goals set mutually by the team and the student’s family and co-operation of the student, team will refund the fee.

6.Is the online evaluation a mandatory step?

     Yes, it is mandatory for every student to appear for the online evaluation to help us understand the areas of understanding where the child requires more assistance and build their strong concepts further. The evaluation helps us create a curriculum for the student which is in complete sync with the school’s syllabus to ensure symmetry in learning for the child.

7.How can I monitor my child’s success?

To ensure transparency and monitor the progress of the student, the team will be conducting weekly evaluation tests, the results of which will be kept confidential and shared with the parents through their preferred medium of communication. Please note, the weekly evaluations are inclusive in our Gold and Platinum package but can be purchased separately for students in the Gold program.

8.Can my child withdraw from the programme if not suited?

Yes, the students can withdraw from the course within the first week. The fees will the refunded post reduction of charges.

9.Can I know more about the buddy program/sibling discount?

For children who prefer to learn in the company of their friends, we are offering 50% discount on the registration of a second student under our buddy program, giving parents the option to even split the charges of the class equally between them as their children learn together.  

Please note that the students are required to be in the same grade and school to avoid any discontinuity in their learning.

We are also offering 10% off on a sibling’s registration*

(*discount applied on program with lower price rate)

10.Is there any advanced level program available?

For students who want to explore the subject beyond just schoolwork and seek guidance mathematical requirements for entrance examinations and competitions, we are also offering guidance through our Ivy program. Our award-winning faculty makes the best use of their experience to help the students prepare for the critical lessons and through series of structured preparatory examinations ensure that students are ready to perform their best in mathematics.

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